Basic Digital Photography

Basic Digital Photography – getting started

Date:  on request,  Schedule: 10 am – 6 pm

One day course

Are there any creative possiblities to achieve an ambitious photography rather than an easygoing “snapping” on the basis of the new digital technique? Have you just bought a new camera and started to take digital pictures? Or would you like to put your technical photographic knowledge on a solid footing?
Camera settings of your bridge or reflex camera will be explained, functions commented that will be useful for your photographic practice as well as a basic theoretical course of photography be included.
We will focus on the body and handling of your digital camera as well as on the following topics :

  • lenses – from wide-angle to telephoto
    Creative use of focal lengths
  • exposure – automatic, programme, aperture priority, shutter priority
  • exposure – what will be the correct exposure?
    Different ways of light metering
  • aperture – creative use
    aperture priority – when does it make sense?
  • shutter – creative use
  • shutter prioriy – when does it make sense?
  • depth of field – what does it depend on?
  • focus – automatic / individual
  • white balance – automatic / individual
  • filters – which of them are necessary?

Sessions for practice in between will round off our programme.


EUR 125,00 per person
– attending 4

EUR 250,00 per person
– attending 2

one person – on request

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  • workshop documents
  • soft drinks
    (water, juice, coffee, tea)



exact address will be given with confirmation